August 26, 2013

Roskilde Festival, Denmark 2013


These are of DJ Hvad (SYGNOK) and Tantra Clap (more will come of DJ Hvad shortly - I have only developed one of the four films from that weekend). Though on a rather peculiar stage, in a somewhat out of the way corner of the festival, this proved to be the most though provoking performance of the weekend. DJ Hvad’s music is an intensely referential, an unrelenting deconstruction of materials, created with a beautifully performative sensibility. His is challenging music, and there is a sense or revealing, and upturning the nature of exoticisation that occurs in much sample led music.

Tantra Clap collaborates with Hvad through the intensity of her dance and seemingly improvised poetry. Simultaneously beautiful and confrontational, this is not simply a performance that can simply be watched, as Tantra Clap weaves amongst, and challenges the audiences space. A truly powerful performer!

Camera - Yashica A (1958)

Film - Fuji Color

Home developed and scanned